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Happiness and dating

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Hi guys it's Maria here today and so today I'm going to be talking to you about happiness and the part it plays in dating.

You know I was sat at a restaurant the other day, I was sat at this chic new Indian restaurant that everyone keeps talking about, it's a new one that's opened in Town. So I'm sat there with Emre and we're talking about various things, as we usually do, and Emre keeps ranting on about the future and how we need to change people's lives as he usually does. As much as I love Emre I kinda lose my attention and find myself staring at this couple across the room. You know when you sometimes can't help staring at someone. Well this was one of those moments. I look over and there was a really average guy, no offence to the guy by the way, but the guy was basically very averagely presented and quite messy, he kinda reminded me of someone who works in one of those video game stores. And right next to this guy was the most stunningly gorgeous blonde girl. Guys she was absolutely stunning, and she looked completely natural too with her long straight blonde hair, wearing a skin tight dress which really showed to the world how big her boobs were. And I know what you're thinking, she was probably a Hooker, must have been a prostitute. Hmmmm I actually don't think so as she looked so natural and the way they were talking to each other and the way they were looking at each other it actually looked like they were together. I just couldn't stop staring at this sight, I wish i took photos as it just looked so out of line. And interestingly despite the girl next to him the guy didn't seem that bothered at all and, this may sound like a huge generalisation, but he looked downright unhappy to me. Everything from his body language and facial expressions made me feel this. But anyway this leads me onto my next point.

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Maria Lidze, Infield Trainer

Maria is infield trainer and she regularly publishes infield approach videos on different dating topics on KamaTV. She is always on the road training our clients and filming regularly for our youtube channel. Maria gives very honest dating advice from a female perspective and she is always direct and give her honest feedback to our clients and youtube viewers.

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